Hundreds of people share their wishes with the TMT

From last Friday 20TH and until Saturday 28TH April the TMT participates in the AstroFest La Palma 2018 through its initiative When I wish upon a star, I wish … where hundreds of neighbors of the community of Santa Cruz de La Palma  have shared their wishes on the large blackboard installed in the Plaza de España.

The initiative inspired by the original project Before I die of the artist Candy Chang. In 2011, Chang invited pedestrians in New Orleans, USA to write their thoughts on a slate panel placed in an abandoned building. The artist is in favor of the adaptations and replicas of the project, which so far has been carried out in more than 70 countries in 38 different languages.

Neighbors and visitors of La Palma have wished health, happiness and a better future. We hope to continue filling the community of La Palma with wishes.








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