Neighbours of El Roque de los Muchachos: SWEDISH SOLAR REFRACTOR (SST)

The SST is the largest solar telescope in Europe and the number one in the world in terms of spatial resolution for having reached a resolution of 0.1 seconds of arc in the blue, which corresponds to 70 km on the solar surface.

The Swedish Solar Refractor belongs to the Institute of Solar Physics of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and is the successor to the previous SVST solar telescope that operated on La Palma from 1985 until the arrival in 2002 of the SST.

Among the main directions of work of this refractor telescope with unique optical design, is the study of solar structures never seen before, such as the ‘hairs’ and ‘canals’, narrow and dark structures that are present in sunspots.



Photo Credit: Pablo Bonet/IAC

Source: IAC


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