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TMT International Observatory LLC (hereinafter ”TMTIO”) is the owner of the blog https://www.tmtlapalma.org; its registered address is 100 West Walnut Street Suite 300 Pasadena, CA 91124

TMTIO is registered at the Division of Corporations of the Secretary of State in Delaware, USA under file number 5412629.

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TMTIO’s registered address is 100 West Walnut Street Suite 300 Pasadena, CA 91124. Email address: inquiry@tmt.org

You are hereby informed that this General Information section, which will always be available for consultation, will be updated if any of the data indicated above are changed or further data are added.

The content of this website is the property of the Company; reproducing, exploiting, copying, modifying, commercializing, distributing, transforming or any other activity that may be done with such content without express authorization from the Company is expressly prohibited unless otherwise indicated or done for personal use without violating the Company’s rights pursuant to the laws in effect.



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